Barefoot Superstar - DVD
50 Minutes; Two Models

"Julie Strain is a goddess! We expected a beautiful woman, of course, but this charismatic 6-foot actress also revealed an amazing grasp of foot fetishism. When she forced her size-9 bare feet into the mouth of submissive Doria, we witnessed a commitment to foot domination rarely seen. Save some applause for Doria as well, because the busty blonde mouthed Julie’s tasty toes and sky-high arches as if she hadn’t eaten for a week! "Julie didn’t fool around when it was time to suck Doria’s toes, but her turn at foot worship didn’t remain solo for long! Doria clearly loved the taste of her friend’s feet - also the way they felt on her breasts. Our stars didn’t let friendship get in the way of two dynamic nude tickling scenes; in fact, they seemed to get a thrill from making each other writhe and shriek! "Despite our respect for Julie and Doria’s awe-inspiring performance, Eliot and I couldn’t resist leaving the bare-breasted starlets bound and gagged (judging from their dramatic moaning and struggling, I’d guess they had some fun with the bondage too!). Believe me- of the more than 200 videos that FM’s released in the 90s, Barefoot Superstar is right at the top of the list!"

Eric Holman P. S. We’ve included several minutes of "behind the scenes" footage at the end of the tape!

ID #: JS-1
Price: $25.00