Barefoot Restraint - DVD
50 Minutes, Nine Models

Beautiful women barefoot, tied up and in some cases straight-jacketed!

First there's gorgeous Andrea Neal barefoot and in a straight-jacket. No gag in this scene. Next statuesque blonde Jennifer George and her henchman capture, bind and cleave gag Sadie Atkins. Of course, there's a double cross and Jennifer ends up barefoot, bound and cleave gagged next to still helpless Sadie! Keslie Chambers has Tawney LaShelle in a straight-jacket and her toes tied up. Horny Kelsie starts to nibble on Tawney's bare toes before events beyond her control force Kelsie in the straight-jacket and a cleave gag in her mouth! Sarah Haden and Hana Dubcek are tied and tape gagged on the floor and do their best to get loose - Sarah even tries to use Hana's toes to get the sticky tape off her mouth! Alise Langdon struggles ferociously in a straight-jacket, her feet wrapped in cellophane courtesy of Melissa Carrington - no gag for Alise. Finally, sexy Julia Parton puts on a show as she is completely naked bound and tape gagged - if you haven't seen Julia struggle in bondage, it is quite a wonderful sight!

ID #: MV-24
Price: $25.00