Live Bondage, Volume One - DVD
60 Minutes, Seven Models

The old live shows on are now available on video. Volume one includes: Cheerleader Tamara Nissa is hogtied on camera and has her sensitive soles whipped!; A fully nude Joey Masini is bound tightly and gagged. Lindsey can't help but playing with her and sucking on Joey's soft, tasty breasts!; Becky Rico is nude, hogtied and tape gagged. Her captor can't help but to torment her and even tickle her soft bare soles!; Odessa Malavich and Tera Patrick are business executives who've been snatched. They are left tied up and gagged on the video screen as the crooks make their ransom demands!; Professional Dominatrix Artemis Antoine has a sweet captive named Oceana in her clutches! Innocent Oceana can't make a sound as her lips are sealed with sticky tape and her hands and feet are securely bound!

ID #: LB-1
Price: $25.00