Bound By Envy! - DVD
40 Minutes, Twelve Models

Samantha Hollister can’t stand her former sorority sister Cindy Schubert, so when she gets the opportunity, Sam overpowers poor Cindy and binds her to a post! Gorgeous in her red evening gown, Cindy seems completely helpless but enjoys the last laugh over a hogtied and gagged Samantha! Jealousy also motivates Hannah Thurman’s playful bondage by “friends” Serena Sharp and Jessica Frost. But Jessica and Serena soon discover that sweet-faced Hannah is the wrong gal to fool around with!

Newcomers Justine Jolie and Daniela Wagner discover the perils of roped restraint, an experience that Chantel Osmond and Amy Yamaguchi still find intimidating! In a brief but riveting tribute to detective-magazine style, Roxanne Chadwick, Trish Van Arsdale, and Shayla Stevens struggle vividly as mouth-covering gags accentuate their flashing eyes!

ID #: FB-31
Price: $25.00