Ticklish Lessons - DVD
60 Minutes, Twelve Models

Stocks can be hard to sell, which is why saleswoman Danielle Fellini gives Chase Brocco a demo that ends wit her feet squirming under his fingers.

When skeptical Talia Monet questions the value of Chase's new stocks, he proves their usefulness by tickling her soles!

Chase is insatiable! Partnered by mischievous Nikki Nova, he tickle torments a nude Julia Parton, who's been spreadeagled to a bed with stockings!

Time for a lighthearted interlude as Marie Casares tests Sunny Seymour's soft soles with her nails!

Nikki Nova and Cleo Madison tie down "Cinderella" Stacy Burke and ruthlessly tickle her petite bare feet! A timely intervention from fairy godmother Shannon Adjani then permits Stacy to extract a ticklish revenge from her tied and topless sisters!

Tired of dealing with troublesome room-mates, Jodi Baldwin tries to gain the upper hand with new roomie Keli Lessur by hogtying her and working over her sensitive bare soles. But Keli knows where to find a good pair of stocks and shows Jodi who' the boss!

Chase Brocco returns with an accomplice to provide a riotous finale that features four ticklish soles belonging to Allie Alvarez and Stephanie Hudson!

ID #: FC-81
Price: $25.00