Teaching The Teacher - DVD
40 Minutes, One Model

A zealous teacher fails to sympathize with her student. A dedicated parent goes too far. And a classroom becomes a place of captivity and humiliation!

Sadie Moreau refuses to change a student's grade when her father begs for mercy! When Sadie orders him to leave, he turns on her, binding the bewildered teacher to her chair in a web of rope and muffling her angry cries with a cleave gag!

Unwilling to compromise, Sadie's bound into a student's desk with her legs pulled uncomfortably up to her chest! Still cleave-gagged, the indignant Sadie writhes while the rampaging dad takes off her glasses, removes her shoes and ties her toes before giving her a taste of tickling!

Sadie once ruled her classroom from behind her desk; now the tape- gagged teacher lies bound and helpless on the desktop, able only to wriggle on her stomach as her captor harangues her!

"No more Mr. Nice Guy!" promises the crazed dad, who removes Sadie's jacket, trusses her face-up on the desk and takes advantage of her bare feet and exposed arms to tickle her unmercifully!

Once the Queen of her classroom, Sadie has been dethroned and turned into a shivering, ball-tied package squirming on the floor and mouthing the tomato that's been taped between her lips to silence her! But both Sadie and her tormentor have a big surprise coming!

ID #: HH-15
Price: $25.00