Bound Men - DVD
45 Minutes, Seven Models

Officer Lena Shelby arrests Francisco, but instead of bringing to the station she cuffs him, ties his ankles and stuffs his mouth full of cloth. Lena then strips out of uniform and teases her helpless captive.

Sleazy masseuse Derek needs to be taught a lesson (to keep his wondering hands to himself) and Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) is just the one to do it. She karate chops him cold and proceeds to tie him to the massage table.

Robert's tough guy image takes a hit when he finds himself bound and cleave gagged by Linda Connors.

Gorgeous henchwoman, Kayden Kross is sent to encourage Aaron to pay his gambling debts and she uses sturdy sticky tape to try and convince him.

Miko Sinz has to use tough tactics after Luke refuses to void a contract he has with her. Tying him on the floor of his office and using a cloth gag Miko takes the contract docs and makes her escape as Luke struggles to get free.

Melissa Jacobs is offended after her handyman Jimmy makes some lewd comments toward her. She ties him up, takes her shoes off and rubs her sweaty feet all over him.

ID #: MIB-72
Price: $30.00