Grab and Bind: Kayla Jane Danger - DVD
40 Minutes, One Model

The only way Kayla Jane Danger can rescue her snatched sister is by submitting to a twisted man's humiliating bondage!

When Kayla returns home, she's confronted by a leering man in search of revenge, who shows her pictures of her bound and gagged sister! Accept my ropes and gags, he informs a stunned Kayla, and I'll release your sister! Believing she has no choice, the reluctant Kayla permits the deviant to tighten white ropes around her wrists and leather-clad legs, then tie a cloth in her mouth! Once she's squirming on her couch, the triumphant captor pulls off Kayla's heels and fondles her exquisite bare feet!

Deprived of her top and shoes, the bareoot Kayla's taken into her backyard and roped to a post next to the pool! Tape-gagged and helpless, Kayla can only whimper her protests when the obsessed tormentor pulls off her bra, but the bare- breasted and frightened girl still struggles courageously, rising on her tiptoes and straining furiously against her bonds!

Confident that Kayla's completely in his power, the merciless man ropes her, still tape- gagged and topless, to a bench with her hands tied in front and dares her to escape! Although her sister's plight dominates her thoughts, Kayla can't resist this challenge and is on the verge of freeing herself when her efforts are halted and she's whisked inside!

Kayla's bondage turns rigorous as her captor's sadistic streak comes to the fore! Enticing in her glistening bikini, the curvy brunette's tautly trussed on the floor, bound ankles tethered to a waist rope and lips sealed by duct tape! Kayla's beautiful bare feet arch alluringly during her strenuous writhing, which continues unrelentingly even after her restraint's augmented by a rope linking her wrists and ankles!

Despite her bravery, Kayla can't help wondering when -- and if -- her ordeal will end! To emphasize her subjugation, the sexy prisoner's breasts are exposed again and she's to kneel on her bed in bondage whose sinister quality is accentuated by the black ropes entwining her body! Kayla's tormentor finally brings his persecution to a climax by hogtying her; nearing exhaustion but still refusing to surrender, the innocent girl twists and arches, bare soles tautly curved and dark eyes flashing above her white tape-gag! His vengeance complete, the villain contemptuously informs Kayla that he'll keep his promise to release her sister but that she'll have to free herself !

ID #: KD-57
Price: $25.00