The Country Cousin - DVD
54 Minutes, Five Models

A bondage video by Jon Woods! Starring Angie Savage, Ariel Anderssen, Goldie Blair, Karina Santos and Santana With Ikaras Jones and Jon Woods

As our story opens, Ariel Anderssen calls her shiftless chauffer on the carpet, but her misbehaving employee soon has the statuesque blonde bound and tapegagged. The lithe lady is roped into a "reverse prayer" position and frogtied, but we soon learn that the bitchy boss is actually a willing participant in this kinky game.

Ariel's naughty maid, Goldie Blair, intentionally breaks a plate to draw her mistress' ire. Ariel has the maid fetch the ropes and she chairties and scarf-gags her busty domestic to teach her a lesson, then Angie Savage rings the doorbell. It seems this buxom blonde bumpkin is Ariel's long-lost cousin who's arrived for the reading of a rich uncle's will. Ariel is so flustered by this development, she leaves her maid to struggle while she plans a new strategy.

Goldie pays a visit to Angie to express her glee at the country cousin's arrival, as it's driving her boss crazy. Angie asks the gorgeous maid if Ariel ties her up very often, and Goldie admits that she does. Angie tells her she can teach her how to escape, and Goldie binds the sexy visitor and gags her with a bandana. Once she's tied, Goldie can't resist fondling her voluptuous teacher.

Angie ties up Goldie to see what she's learned, and she leaves her all alone. But Goldie's escape attempt is not successful, and soon Ariel finds her bound and gagged employee. Ariel doesn't free Goldie, but confesses that she's deep in debt and cannot afford to share her inheritance with anyone. Ariel says she needs to make some arrangements, and the buxom maid is then left alone again.

Ariel and Goldie go to Angie's room, and Ariel pounces on her despised cousin. But Goldie balks, not wanting to be part of her mistress' vile plan, and Ariel is subdued, tied and gagged. The country cousin and the maid are about to leave when they're stopped by the late uncle's lawyer. Next all three ladies are helplessly bound and gagged, and the lawyer delivers some ing news about the inheritance, as well as startling revelations about their uncle. He leaves the comely trio to struggle, unaware they're still in great danger.

In the second story, Santana is "The Bad Boss" for Karina Santos. Santana has a habit of humiliating her underperforming employees, and poor Karina's numbers haven't been up to par. The nasty boss bends Karina over her desk, binds her and scarf- gags the beautiful brunette. Then she calls in the rest of the office so they can all have a turn at spanking poor Karina.

Later in the break room, Karina learns her boss has been misreporting the numbers to insure she's on the receiving end of the punishment. She confronts Santana with her findings, and compels her boss to show up to the Damnation Club that night for some retribution. The long-haired beauty submits to a suspension and Karina explains why there'll be changes in their working relations.

ID #: JW-35
Price: $30.00