Humiliating Bondage For Office Heroines - DVD
55 Minutes, Six Models

A pawn in a mysterious criminal's game, snatched junior exec Cali Logan's (aka Johanna Dillon) roped to the post in a seedy garage by some bizarre masked character! Things go from bad to worse for Cali when a sinister woman augments her bondage, then exposes her breasts and pussy while the defenseless captive whimpers through her cleave-gag!

Sitting tied and tape-gagged in her bathroom, frightened businesswoman Cassandra Nix remains quiet until she believes her captor's gone, then squirms along the floor as she attempts to escape! Poor Cassandra doesn't get far, however, before she's into the corner of the room and immobilized with a wrist-to-ankle tether by the vigilant villain!

Breanne Benson's colleagues humiliate their unpopular office-mate by tricking her into a phony photo session! Hoisted onto a stool, Breanne's securely trussed, gagged with a knotted cloth, then taunted by her one- time friends after her breasts are bared!

When petite secretary Livia Godiva returns home, she's seized by a burglaress who ropes her to a chair and ties a cloth between her lips! By the time the evildoer departs, she's stripped the valuables from Livia's apartment and most of the clothes from her bound and gagged captive!

Surprised in her office by ruthless robbers, Scarlett Fay sits bound and gagged in her chair while she and her captors wait for supervisor Kendra James to return! Once the crooks the safe combination out of Kendra and complete their crime, both women writhe gagged and bound on the floor, their clothes disheveled by tit-crazed tormentors!

ID #: SB-81
Price: $30.00