My Prisoner In Bondage: Eden Wells - DVD
48 Minutes, One Model

You've NEVER seen Eden Wells in predicaments like these!

In this new Prisoner of Bondage series, everything gets a little more intense - just ask our first Prisoner of Bondage Eden Wells.

Eden opens the door to retrieve her morning newspaper, but finds an unknown man standing at her doorstep. Before she understands what is going on, he grabs her and drags her inside. Turns out he is looking for her boyfriend, but since he's not around, he decides to have some fun with such a pretty lady. He throws her down on an ottoman, tapes her mouth tightly and rips off her clothes revealing her beautiful naked body. He can't help sucking on her tits, her toes, and talking very rough to her. Once he's shown her who is boss, he lifts her naked body over his shoulder and carries her into her bedroom.

Tied up naked on her bed, Eden has her mouth stuffed with a large wad of cloth and then it is taped tightly shut. Next the assault on her beautiful breasts and bare feet continues as well as some more verbal thrashing. We can promise you that Eden has never been treated like this or spoken to in this way!

Elaborately bound on her sofa, Eden has no chance of getting away from her captor. Her body is attacked with his hungry, horny mouth. You think Eden would despise this man for what he has done, but the hardness of her nipples as he sucks on them betrays how she may actually be feeling!

Things start to get really crazy! Eden is bound standing in the nude with a ball gag in her mouth. Her captor humiliates her by taking the flowing and dripping saliva from her lips and wiping it all over her naked body!

Naked, cleave gagged and tied on the floor, Eden's perfect tits are fondled by her home invader. After he leaves her, she does an amazing job attempting to reach the front door so she can get help!

Also included is an Eden Wells interview in which she talks about her bondage plight in this landmark film.

ID #: PB-01
Price: $25.00