Bad Bosses In Bondage - DVD
50 Minutes, Two Models

How should employees deal with bosses who bully, manipulate and blackmail? Should they simply work harder or look for new jobs? Loren Chance and Nikki Nefarious have a different answer: tie 'em up naked!

Emily Addison and Kelly Collins are competing for a promotion in the shady organization headed by Mr. Big! The ambitious ladies simultaneously dispatch rope-savvy henchwomen to deal with their competitors, but their ruthless initiatives backfire in spectacular fashion! Surprised by Loren at her luxurious condo, Kelly's tightly bound, scarf-gagged and onto the floor, where she squirms while Loren toys with her naked nipples! Meanwhile, Nikki jumps Emily while she relaxes on her bed; tape-gagged and trussed, the buxom boss thrashes about angrily! But it's when Nikki and Loren phone their employers to report the success of their missions that the fun really begins!

Once Loren and Nikki discover that they have each other's bosses bound and helpless, the employees decide that a power-shift is in order! Emily and Kelly have used similar blackmailing strategies to keep their talented subordinates in line; now that their aura of power has been shattered, perhaps they can be fully persuaded to surrender the carefully hidden pictures and papers that have kept Loren and Nikki under their manicured thumbs! In their first step toward liberation, the vengeful riggers bind their bare-skinned bosses with black rope to pillars in Kelly's condo; rope-gagged and shivering with fear, Emily and Kelly endure threats and rough handling from their one-time underlings!

Loren and Nikki ratchet up the menace to their nude prisoners after forcing them to kneel on chairs and roping them tit-to-tit! Emily and Kelly squeal behind their tape-gags and their eyes widen with fear when Loren slowly brings a lighter into uncomfortable proximity with their vulnerable nipples! No harm's done, but their pathetic wriggling and whimpering reveal that the gangster girls' toughness has melted away and that they'll give Nikki and Loren the answers they're looking for!

Tied back-to-back on a fur-covered bed, their lips sealed with black tape, the once-fearsome bosses turned fearful captives receive a sickening surprise! Accompanied by Nikki and Loren, Mr. Big strides into the bedroom and turns a scornful eye on their plight while congratulating the hench-women on their enterprise! He's decided to make new positions for them in his organization; they can deal with Emily and Kelly as they wish! Washing his hands of his former proteges, Mr. Big exits while the rising stars gleefully push their hapless predecessors on their stomachs and hogtie them! Their future growing bleaker by the minute, the one-time enemies are united by misfortune as they strain hopelessly against their bonds!

ID #: HH-41
Price: $25.00