Just Tie Me Up And Gag Me - DVD
47 Minutes, Six Models

Cornered by an intruder, sexy exec Charlie Royce pleads to be bound and gagged and left unharmed! Her captor grants the request by gagging Charlie with duct tape, tying her hands and feet, then restraining her with a leg hobble and going about his business while she writhes on the floor!

Industrial spy Carissa Montgomery ambushes sweet secretary Jana Cova in her bathroom; once Jana's tied and tape-gagged, Carissa her into the tub! Bare- breasted and barefoot, the pretty captive squirms while she's fondled by Carissa!

Alone at home, Karina White tries to phone for help when she hears alarming sounds from upstairs! Overpowered before she can give her address, Karina's soon sitting bound and helpless in the corner of her bedroom, her lips sealed with duct tape and her breasts exposed!

Miko Sinz takes revenge on the bank officer who denied her loan by roping Carissa Montgomery to her chair and taping her mouth, then humiliating the indignant Carissa by baring her breasts and spreading her panty-hosed legs!

The excitement Natasha Warner and Ashlyn Jameson feel about their new business plan turns to terror when they're seized and bound! Tape- gagged Ashlyn and cleave-gagged Natasha struggle side-by-side on a bed, trussed securely and tethered wrists-to-ankles!

ID #: SB-83
Price: $25.00