Pretty Girls Tied Tight - DVD
49 Minutes, Six Models

Lexi Bloom's a petite, feisty brunette; Hayden Hawkens is a tall, easy-going blonde -- what they have in common is captivity! First seated tied and tape- gagged on the edge of a bed, Lexi and Hayden experience more stringent restraint when they're pushed onto their stomachs and hogtied! Their noisy thrashing exposes plenty of pink flesh but leaves them pretty much where they started!

As her abuctors' mocking laughter echoes around her, a blind-folded Vanessa Cage stands bound in a transparent negligee and pleads for release! Instead of her freedom, Vanessa receives a tape-gag, then writhes as both her breasts and pussy are exposed for the pleasure of the evil women!

Dazzling Charlie Royce discovers that minimal material can create maximal restraint when she's confronted by an intruder who orders her to remove her pantyhose! The thin fabric twisted diabolically around her wrists and ankles creates a hogtie that Charlie's vigorous struggles can't dislodge; strips of duct tape over her mouth muffle her cries for help!

It's called going from the frying pan into the fire! Carissa Montgomery protested noisily through the black cleave tied between her lips after she was trussed naked to the good old wooden garage post, but she was much more unhappy after she was crotch-roped and to kneel precariously on a chair!

Rolling tape-gagged, bound and naked on the bed, Jana Cova becomes the irresistible object of Vanessa Cage's strictly immoral attentions! Mesmerized by Jana's whimpering, defenseless body, Vanessa caresses her, kisses her duct- taped lips and sucks her bare toes!

ID #: FB-298
Price: $25.00