Disguised In Bondage - DVD
44 Minutes, Six Models

Rookie cop Carissa Montgomery gets a rough initiation into the world of crime after she's snatched by wily con-woman Jana Cova! Once she has Carissa trussed up on the floor, Jana amuses herself by fondling the pretty policewoman's mammoth mammaries and tickling her stockinged feet while poor Carissa whimpers behind her tape-over-cleave gag!

Girl-girl enmity gets out of control when plaid-skirted blonde cutie Vanessa Cage's challenge to a rival ends with Vanessa in bondage! Gagged with duct tape and tied up on her bed, her panties pulled down to her knees, the bare-breasted prisoner writhes in humiliation!

Suspected of theft, colorfully-costumed barmaids Natasha Warner and Ashlyn Jameson, their hands and feet tied, fearfully await interrogation! After Ashlyn's temporarily taken away, Natasha's gagged and struggles alone; later, while they await their boss's decision, both girls squirm bound, gagged and barefoot on the floor!

Gorgeous blonde goddess Jana Cova tries to dump her boyfriend on the way to a costume party, but the scorned suitor's not about to slink away quietly! Roped to a stool on the patio, the bandanna-gagged Jana wriggles unhappily while the angry man rants at her!

Determined to romance another reality-show contestant, Charlie Royce banks on the exotic allure of a harem costume! Unfortunately for Charlie, she's ambushed by a female competitor, who hides the tied and scarf-gagged captive in a small bedroom! Tethered to the bedposts, Charlie squeals and wriggles in frustration at the failure of her scheme!

ID #: CB-43
Price: $25.00