The Claw Chronicles - DVD
60 Minutes, Seven Models

A storyline bondage video by Jon Woods! Starring Shawna Lake, Kelsie Chambers, Johnni Black, Dorian Grant, Sabrina Stone, Loren Chance and Lorelei With Katherine Montel, Chase Brocco and Jon Woods

The long-awaited tale of master villain The Crooked Claw and his notorious family is finally told! Reporter Shawna Lake is brought bound and gagged to a cozy house in the suburbs. When her hood is removed, she's quite surprised to discover her captor is a kindly little old lady. Her hostess tells the journalist that she's "Ma Claw," and since Shawna was snooping around into the Claw family background, Ma decided to bring her in so she could share the family's illustrious history of evil.

The family's sinister roots begin with pirate Peter Clawson. The masked bucanneer holds the beautiful Lady Catherine (Kelsie Chambers) as a hostage to insure his escape. His fiery captive curses him and all his sons to a life of disgrace, to hide their faces from public forever. Clawson scoffs at her curse and cleavegags the post-tied damsel. Little does he suspect the weight this lady's curse will hold!

The history picks up again in 1941. In an homage to (or is that "inspiration for"?) the movie serials of the era, the villainous Black Claw grabs snoopy reporter Johnni Black. The gorgeous blonde is securely bound to a chair and detective gagged. The dark villain sets a dangerous trap for the hero, and Johnni is the bait! The caped scoundrel makes his ecape leaving poor Johnni to helplessly struggle. Will she be rescued in time?

Ma Claw then recounts the tale of first meeting her late husband in 1963. The family's future matron (played by Dorian Grant) is snatched by The Masked Claw and held for ransom. The buxom babe is cleavegagged and bound hand and foot on the bed. Left alone, she makes a brave attempt to get to the phone and call for help. But her vigilant criminal thwarts her attempt! She's stripped down to her underwear, then securely bound to a chair while he goes to retrieve the ransom. When he returns, The Masked Claw is quite surprised at his victim's reaction when he tells her he's going to set her free.

We next see the young Crooked Claw's first solo caper in 1984. While robbing a warehouse, he encounters a security guard (Lorelei) who seems quite taken with the novice villain. With her cooperation he makes a clumsy attempt to tie and gag her. He somehow manages to get her under control while she flirts with him, yet since they're on opposite sides of the law he knows their romance is doomed from the start.

Ma Claw assures the reporter that even though most people think The Crooked Claw is dead, he's not. He stole a time machine and escaped to 2357. A time cop (Loren Chance) and an interplanetary law enment agent (Sabrina Stone) join in an attempt to catch the criminal mastermind. But The Crooked Claw subdues them both, and soon both ladies are bound, gagged and powerless to stop him from eluding the law again, but that's not all! Unless the bound angents can free themselves, Loren's time machine will transport them all the way back to the big bang!

Her story complete, Ma Claw instructs her manservant Igor to put the hood back on Shawna and escort her out while she revels in her memories.

ID #: JW-38
Price: $30.00