Double Bondage Pleasure - DVD
51 Minutes, Eight Models

Randy Moore's heading out to party, but house-mate Emily Addison declines an invitation to join her so she can mellow out at home! Emily's evening of relaxation turns terrifying, however, when two rope-wielding bandidas invade her home, swiftly truss the lingerie-clad lass and roughly tie a cloth between her lips! Emily's turned into a squirming plaything for the intruders, who interrupt their illicit enjoyment only when Randy returns and falls into their clutches! Before their tormentors depart, the helpless housemates have been roped into lotus-ties as they sit naked on the floor; exhausted by desperate writhing, Randy and Emily whimper as they surrender to their bondage!

Some secrets are difficult to share, but Elle Alexandra finally admits to best friend Presley Hart that she's been having some weird nightmares! "What kind of nightmares?" asks innocent Presley. Well, it seems that Elle's has been disturbed by troubling images of Presley and herself lying side-by-side on a bed, unclothed, tied hand and foot and gagged with tape! As the images morph, the nude girls struggle in cross-ankle hogties; frantic efforts to free themselves only expose their vulnerable bodies more openly!

Melissa Jacobs and Natalie Nice plunge from a giddy high after pulling a neat scam to a dismal low when their marks turn up to take revenge! Vengeance consists of taunting the naked and fearful con-girls as they stand bound, crotch-roped and ball-gagged; later Melissa and Natalie squirm in unhappy proximity after they're tethered tit-to-tit!

Her office becomes a prison for Vanessa Veracruz, who's accosted by a predator who orders her to strip! Once he's perched luscious Vanessa naked, bound and tape-gagged on the edge of her desk, the ruthless criminal waits for Karina White to return from her break, then subjects her to identical bondage! After the captive girls boldly try to free each other, they're onto their hips in the corner where desk meets wall, wrists and ankles linked by a taut rope network!

ID #: FB-301
Price: $25.00