Wide-Eyed And Tied - DVD
47 Minutes, Seven Models

Sexy spy Charlie Royce meets her match when she attempts to deceive a rival secret agent! Trussed lotus-style on a wooden table, exotically-gowned Charlie writhes in a rope web, her angry protests stifled by a tape gag! [Note: Watch for a behind-the-scenes bonus ON THE FULL DVD ONLY!]

Tired of waiting for their gambling-addict boyfriends, bare-breasted dolls Jana Jordan and Izzabella Blu head upstairs for a little girl-girl fun! Moments later, however, their tryst is shattered by a ruthless pair of tough chicks sent to deliver a message: stripped of their panties, gagged with duct tape and tightly bound, Jana and Izzabella squirm next to each other on the floor as Nikki and Loren exploit their naked vulnerability!

Alluring in her skimpy swimsuit, Lena Shelby's victimized by a sinister intruder who binds her on a couch, hands tied behind her head! When spunky Lena's struggles bring grasping fingers too close to her bandanna gag, her hands are tied behind her and the blonde heroine's left ball-tied and wriggling!

Good girls Linzy Cross and Tiffany Thomas pay the price for hanging out with bad guys when irate female gang members decide to keep them on ice! Hustled away from their cowardly dates, Linzy and Tiffany are securely bound and cleave-gagged, then dumped on a bed, where the terrified girls struggle desperately!

Our two favorite wicked women return to wreak havoc on the sheltered lives of pretty girls! This time it's Vanessa Cage who discovers the s of being home alone; roped naked to a chair and gagged with a thick knotted cloth, the innocent blonde beauty whimpers as Loren and Nikki take turns looting the house when they're not fondling her soft bound body!

ID #: FB-302
Price: $30.00