Yancy Blue: Girl Detective - DVD
57 Minutes, One Model

Adorable Presley Hart stars as Yancy Blue, brilliant graduate student and amateur detective! Yancy's an intrepid investigator with an unfortunate tendency to make the one little mistake when pursuing a suspect that ensures she'll become a bound and gagged captive!

Once she's collected all the evidence she needs against a slippery gal running a phony massage racket, Yancy plans to call for back-up! But our heroine forgot to keep her cell-phone charged, so it's dead when she needs it most! Poor little Yancy's no match for the muscular masseuse, who gleefully ties and cleave-gags her, then tosses Yancy on the massage table, bares her breasts and feet and toys with the squirming prisoner!

Before skipping town, the angry villainess takes the time to escalate our damsel's ! After stripping Yancy and duct-taping her mouth, she ropes the wide-eyed girl's breasts with taut precision before hogtying her on the table! Naked and defenseless, Yancy wriggles under probing fingers, then struggles fruitlessly after the criminal's departure!

Still courageously pursuing evildoers, Yancy confronts a dangerous individual who's been polluting suburban swimming pools! Bikini-clad for her undercover mission, Yancy reaches into her purse and pointedly warns the crook to keep his distance; when he calls her bluff, though, the girl detective's on track for another uncomfortable stint in bondage! Tied to a patio chair with black rope and gagged with black cloth, Yancy squeals indignantly when the leering thug removes her bikini top and crassly handles her tender nipples! Once his poolside entertainment's concluded, Yancy's tormentor carries her indoors!

Her mouth filled with a red rubber ball and her breasts fully framed with rope, Yancy sits on a bed and apprehensively awaits her captor's next move! It's not long in coming, so Yancy must once again experience the humiliation of rough hands groping her breasts as the depraved lawbreaker threatens her with worse! Uncomfortable but undaunted, Yancy twists and turns on the bed, wrists tethered to ankles and knees to chest!

Yancy's victimized by a classier criminal when she unwisely accepts a drink from the Real Housewife of Encino! Powerless to resist, Yancy meekly submits while the red-haired femme fatale creatively spins a rope web around her and slips a scarf between her lips! Once the dazed detective's suitably secured to a chair, the Housewife happily dishevels Yancy's party dress and clinically inspects her sweet little body!

That luscious body's fully displayed after the Housewife strips Yancy and binds her into a cunningly contrived kneeling bondage on the chair! Silencing Yancy's protests by stuffing her mouth with cloth and sealing it with stylish pink tape, the wicked witch of Encino taunts and fondles the rueful lass before returning to her nefarious activities and leaving Miss Blue to squirm and whimper!

ID #: HH-43
Price: $25.00