Bound Damsels In Naked - DVD
43 Minutes, Five Models

Four ruthless riggers subject pretty nude captives to rigorous bondage!

Nikki Nefarious returns to work her wizardry on leggy Judith Eufrat, who murmurs unhappily through her ball-gag as ropes spin around her wrists, ankles, thighs and breasts; Nikki adds a crotch-rope just for the hell of it! Ultimately ball-tied on a coffee-table in the midst of a large room, Judith makes a stunning naked prisoner!

Fresh from her shower, Elle Alexandra's seized, tape-gagged and trussed up! Nikki Nefarious secures the slender bare-skinned innocent with carefully-applied ropework, then relegates Elle to her bathtub, where she squirms and whimpers!

It's Loren Chance's turn to victimize vulnerable young beauties and she responds with an eye-popping lotus-tie that winds thick strands of taut black rope around Jana Jordan's nude pink flesh! Refusing to submit, tape-gagged Jana rolls about on the bed and exposes her pussy as she wriggles bottom-up!

Busty heroine Laura Lee's held hostage by Eric Holman, who binds his naked prey to a chair with thin white cord, gags her with a red ball and watches as the courageous girl struggles energetically but unsuccessfully against her restraint!

Adorable JCali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) experiences acrobatic bondage courtesy of Lorelei! Bound with black rope and ball-gagged, Cali writhes vigorously on her bed for several minutes until she's pulled onto her knees and semi-suspended from a chain! Tape-gagged now, the helpless dark-haired nude twists precariously, her restraint completed by a toe-tie that highlights her exquisite bare feet!

ID #: FB-304
Price: $30.00