Bondage Works Both Ways - DVD
50 Minutes, Six Models

Bad girls enjoy themselves by fondling their pretty bound and gagged captives -- then discover that good girls can get naughty when they control the ropes!

Escaped convict Ash Hollywood needs to get out of her orange jumpsuit and into something less conspicuous, so she grabs cute secretary Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) and her to strip to bra and panties! Once she's roped Johanna to a chair and tied a bandanna-gag between her lips, Ash delays donning her captive's clothes so she can enjoy baring and fondling the helpless girl's beckoning breasts!

Angered by her humiliation by Ash, Johanna plays the payback card and wins big after she tracks down the careless con! Gleefully spreadeagling the naked blonde to her bed, Johanna treats her ball-gagged and crotch-roped prisoner to nipple-tweaking revenge! To clinch her domination of the whimpering tough chick, Johanna curves her elegant little bare feet directly over Ash's face and gives her a long whiff of sweaty soles!

Curly-haired doll Jessie Rogers has a few problems to deal with: she's naked, she's intricately tied up so that her hands are sharing space with her feet and she's wearing several strips of tape over her mouth! Jessie's predicament provides a pleasant occupation for voyeurs, however, who can appreciate the contortions of this luscious lass as she exposes her breasts, pussy and soles!

Perhaps it would have been wiser for Victoria Ray Black to huddle under her bed and call 911 when she heard suspicious sounds in the living -room. Instead, she left the bedroom, only to return moments later in the clutches of a burglar! Securely trussed up in her bra and panties, the tape-gagged Victoria rolled around on her bed as she listened to her valuables being looted; as a final nasty gesture, the intruder pulled down the innocent girl's bra to expose dainty naked breasts!

When feisty little Alexa Bay unwisely defies a shabby old gangster, she's overpowered by hot henchwoman Dani Daniels! Dani's not satisfied to merely immobilize her tiny prisoner with taut ropework topped off by a wrist-ankle tether -- after cleave-gagging Alexa, she teases out the defenseless girl's breasts and toys with them! ing as Dani's fondling is to Alexa, when the mischievous captor's fingers tickle her sensitive soles, she discovers the true meaning of !

To Dani's dismay, her teacherous boss frees Alexa and allows the former victim to victimize her buxom tormentor! Stripped to her panties and silenced by a thick black cleave, Dani writhes unhappily in bondage that's nearly identical to Alexa's! Smiling as she gives Dani a taste of her own medicine, Alexa uses both fingers and toes to tantalize the unhappy gang girl's bare breasts and feet!

ID #: FB-305
Price: $30.00