Bound For Deception - DVD
46 Minutes, Seven Models

Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) and Ash Hollywood talk tough when they confront gang boss Lorelei, but they're literally speechless the next time she sees them! Clad in lingerie, the gang bunnies are grabbed in their bedroom by henchman Eric, who ropes their wrists and breasts, gags them with duct tape, then turns them over to Lorelei! While Cali and Ash whimper fearfully, the rope-mistress binds their ankles and knees, and progressively trusses the petite captives into a back-to-back ball on the black square platform!

Gagged with duct-tape and hogtied, spectacular Randy Moore squirms naked on a couch as her cute brunette friend Sophia Jade struggles in identical bondage on a lounge behind her! Randy and Sophia unwillingly display enticing bare soles while wriggling on their tummies, then expose breasts and pussies when they're rolled on their hips!

Tiny but naughty, superbrat Jade Salerno has a ball toying with voluptuous Natalie Nice, who's tightly bound to a chair in nothing but her panties! While cleave-gagged Natalie murmurs in protest, Jade eagerly fondles and licks her breasts, then savors the innocent blonde's hopeless struggling!

Talented singer-songwriter Samantha Ryan gave her sleazy agent the boot, but the creep strikes back by surprising Samantha and protege Rilee Marks as they work on a new tune! Stripped naked, trussed up and tape-gagged, the hapless prisoners writhe side-by- side as they sit on a couch, then on the floor with their ankles tethered to upper-body ropework!

ID #: FB-307
Price: $30.00