Halloween Tricksters Trussed - DVD
52 Minutes, Two Models

When naughty Halloween tricksters Adrienne Manning and Jessie Rogers steal from Eden Wells, she treats them to bondage they'll never forget!

While Jessie diverts Eden, Adrienne grabs a pile of Halloween candy and scrams! But Jessie quickly regrets her role in the theft when Eden seizes her, then ties up the brat in her hot little plaid skirt and top! A black cloth gag covering her mouth, wide-eyed Jessie squirms in disbelief as Eden woman- handles her!

Temporarily finished with Jessie, Eden makes Adrienne pay for returning to the scene of the crime by trussing up the sexy barmaid on the floor next to her helpless friend! Vengeful Eden ratchets up Adrienne's punishment by pushing her face close to Jessie's bound bare feet and forcing her to smell her sweaty soles! After enjoying Adrienne's anguish for several minutes, Eden gags her and temporarily abandons her prisoners while she prepares other unpleasant surprises for them!

Adrienne begins to realize just how much trouble she's in after Eden binds her naked to a bedpost, a crotch-rope between her legs and a black cleave between her lips! As Adrienne writhes in her bondage, Eden lustfully fondles her luscious body and uses a leather strap to drive home her disciplinary message to the squealing girl!

Meanwhile, a bare-skinned, ball-tied and very scared Jessie rolls around on a bed in lonely captivity! But Eden has no intention of neglecting her whimpering victim, who's defenseless against the angry home-owner's aggressive breast-squeezing and bare-sole bastinado!

Eden's just getting warmed up when she reunites the remorseful thieves! With a tied and tape-gagged Adrienne seated on the edge of the four- poster bed, Jessie kneels, roped and helpless, and unwillingly worships her feet while Eden looms dominantly above her! After Jessie's licked Adrienne's soles and sucked her toes until her feet are damp, Eden tapes the nude blonde's mouth as she lies on the floor, her crotch-rope tethered to Adrienne's ankle bonds!

Adrienne and Jessie's Halloween nightmare concludes as the chastened bad girls writhe tape-gagged and hogtied on the bed while Eden continues to express her inner wicked witch by toying with their bound and naked bodies! Eden's motto: Candy is sweet but revenge is sweeter!

ID #: HH-45
Price: $25.00