Hapless Duo's Doomed To Bondage - DVD
44 Minutes, Twelve Models

Trapped in a empty room hapless duo Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) and Lance are hogtied by a female assailant on a dirty mattress.

Coming home from a nice dinner, happy couple Laura Lee and Luke are confronted in their garage by some masked men, tied up in the car and cleave gagged.

Ron never thought his business partner would barge into his home, overpower him and leave him tied up and gagged but that's exactly what happened and when friendly neighbor Dani Daniels comes over she is grabbed, stripped naked and tied next to Ron.

Private Ray is humiliated by his army buddies by being bound and cleave gagged next to the girl he loves Lexi Bloom.

With tape covering their mouths to keep them quiet suburban couple Ashlyn Jameson and Dolph whimper together as they struggle tied up in their own home.

Cute redhead Pepper Kester suffers for her boyfriend Mickey's past deeds by getting bound and gagged by his Ex. When Mickey comes back to the hotel room he is to strip down to his underwear and tied up next to poor Pepper.

ID #: CC-27
Price: $30.00