Bound And Gagged Around The House - DVD
52 Minutes, Six Models

A jealous rival ties and tape-gags Heather Vahn, innocent and vulnerable in her pink nighty, then perches her on a dining table and bares her breasts! To maximize her humiliation, the angry woman then hogties Heather and pulls down her panties!

When "friends" Marissa Sparks and Nina Monroe freeze Sherri Reynolds out of a big event, she vows revenge! Wasting no time, Sherri first surprises Marissa in her bedroom, trusses her up in her colorful dress, gags her with duct tape, then hurries off to grab Nina! Within moments, the buxom blonde's little black dress is ornamented with white rope and her lips are sealed with tape! As the girls struggle separately on their beds, Sherri relishes their squeals of frustration!

A rotten relative places Eden Wells in a bind when he selfishly immobilizes the pretty blonde in her white bathrobe with a hundred feet of rope! Gagged with duct tape and writhing vigorously against her bonds, Eden moans indignantly as the reality of her helplessness grows!

Bound naked to a chair and bandanna-gagged, feisty Latina Lyla Love squirms unhappily -- especially when captress Nikki takes time out from her nefarious activities around Lyla's home to fondle her breasts!

Lying naked and hogtied, a fearful Ash Hollywood listens in amazement as a sinister voice explains that her plight is a consequence of grave offences she's committed against important people! In response to Ash's plea that she's done nothing wrong, strips of duct tape seal her lips and the helpless little blonde is left in ruthless restraint!

ID #: FB-311
Price: $30.00