Entrepreneurs In Ropes - DVD
45 Minutes, Eight Models

A heartless thief ties and gags charity worker Tiffany Thomas, then ropes her to the organization's safe after looting it!

Three attractive event planners are unwilling participants in avery unplanned event when Sherri Reynolds, Marissa Sparks and Nina Monroe become bound and gagged hostages!

Tiffany Marshall and Marcela Marin try to peacefully nudge a difficult partner out of their company, but when he goes rogue the shocked computer entrepreneurs are roped to their chairs with tape sealing their mouths!

As her scam unfolds, Loren takes bewildered European executive Michaela Mathews hostage! Once she's successful, Loren celebrates by fondling the gagged and bound captive's bare breasts!

Loren Chance kicks of a shady scheme by surprising confidential secretary Elle Alexandra at her home, then leaving her trussed up and gagged on her bed!

ID #: SB-87
Price: $25.00