Naked s Of Gracie And Pals - DVD
48 Minutes, Five Models

Hot little starlet Gracie Ivanoe's cornered: standing naked and bound, the petite brunette begs to be released but instead receives a mouth-filling cleave-gag! After Gracie squirms on her toes for several minutes, she's lowered to the floor, where she writhes against an additional ankle-chest restraint!

Her long legs folded into a lotus tie, lovely Malena Morgan strains gamely against the black rope-web immobilizing her lush naked body! Murmuring unhappily behind the duct tape covering her mouth, Malena rolls about on her bed until she tips over and unwillingly offers blatant pussy exposure!

You'd have to be awfully nasty to treat adorable Odette Michelle badly, but there are always those willing to do evil -- like the one who a shocked Odette to strip naked, then ties and tape-gags her before neatly fitting the bound nude into a wooden trunk!

Surprised in her bedroom by a vicious voyeur, statuesque Angelica Saige kneels bound, tape-gagged and tethered to the bed-frame in her bra and panties! When her lingerie's disheveled, bare-breasted Angelica struggles on her hip!

Busty nude Layla Rose fits perfectly into the lap of a leather armchair once she's roped into a neat ball with her hands secured under her knees! After Layla's protests earn her a tape-gag, the petite squirmer writhes while providing eye-popping views of bare soles and pussy!

A victim of double jeopardy, wide-eyed Gracie Ivanoe sits trussed-up, tape- gagged in innocent white lingerie until her bra and panties are pulled down and the vulnerable girl struggles on her side against a wrist-to-ankle tether!

ID #: FB-313
Price: $30.00