Bondage With Harmony - DVD
47 Minutes, Five Models

Dressed for warm weather in a short dress and sandals, hot blonde starlet Harmony Paxson gazes apprehensively at her surroundings as she sits tied and cleave- gagged! Harmony squeals indignantly when the top of her dress is pulled down, then writhes bare-breasted on her side but fails to disrupt her bondage!

Standing naked and vulnerable in the corner, gorgeous captive Lena Shelby's immobilized by the taut black ropes that slither around her shapely body! Tape- gagged and crotch-roped, luscious Lena struggles gamely even after she's onto the floor and her ankles are tethered to her waist rope!

To her dismay, elegantly-attired Eden Wells becomes the bound and gagged captive of sneaky Tiffany Marshall! While Tiffany goes about her larcenous business, Eden thrashes energetically on the floor; before she leaves, Tiff makes things tougher for her victim by roping Eden's wrists to her ankles!

Vengeful Eden surprises Tiffany by tracking her down and trussing her onto a high stool uncomfortably close to the swimming pool! Eden watches in satisfaction as the tape-gagged bad girl squeals angrily and strains unsuccessfully at the ropes holding her in captivity!

Melissa Jacobs wears nothing but several dozen yards of intricately- applied black rope that restrains the hapless nude in a ball-tie! Her lips spread by a yellow ball- gag, Melissa murmurs her feeble protests while wriggling on the hardwood floor!

Harmony Paxson's situation continues to deteriorate after she's stripped naked and bound on the floor with her hands tied under her knees! Pink tape seals the busty blonde's lips, so her frustrated moans are muffled when she slides onto her back and exposes her pussy!

ID #: FB-314
Price: $30.00