Mysterious Bondage Intrigues - DVD
50 Minutes, Five Models

Tough-as-nails CEO Lee Smith softens significantly when a disgruntled employee binds her to a chair and tapes her mouth before emphasizing his point by hogtying her on a dining table!

Hard at work on her day off, Tiffany Marshall's plunged into a mysterious intrigue that leaves her trussed up and squirming next to her desk, a black cloth tied over her mouth!

Ambitious researcher Melissa Jacobs receives a lucrative offer that she tries to refuse, then gasps in astonishment when her adversary continues the negotiation by roping her to a chair, tying a cloth deep in her mouth and baring her breasts!

Blindfolded and bound, Gracie Ivanoe courageously defies an interrogator but can't prevent the determined thug from escalating her ordeal by tape -gagging and hogtying her!

Who's that tying herself up? None other than Lena Shelby at her most alluring and she wants us to know that she loves to imagine herself as a bound, gagged and struggling businesswoman!

ID #: SB-89
Price: $30.00