Pretty Girls In Bondage - DVD
47 Minutes, Six Models

Sexy blonde girlfriends of overly ambitious criminal underlings tend to end up in a bind -- case in point is delectable Brett Rossi, who's surprised on her patio by thugs out to recover files stolen by her guy from Mr. Big. Roped to a metal chair and tape-gagged, struggling Brett squeals loudly when her breasts are exposed, but there's worse to come!

After Brett's house-mate Julia Fair returns home to find her friend in bondage, both girls are stripped naked by the heartless henchmen, trussed up and gagged, then tossed onto a suede bed-cover thoughtfully spread out behind the patio! Once the crooks depart, Brett and Julia display their eye-popping bound bodies as they writhe back to back!

Clad in a long black cocktail dress, statuesque beauty Lee Smith's looking forward to a New Year's Eve party when her plans are drastically detoured by a burglar who decks her dress with a network of white rope that effectively restrains her and gags her with a mouth-filling white cleave!

Wearing nothing but skimpy panties, ball-gagged hostage Cali Logan strains against the ropes pinioning her arms and legs with all the energy that her curvaceous little body can muster! to the floor, whimpering Cali's restrained on her hip with a wrist- ankle tether!

Busty nude starlet Harmony Paxson becomes an alluring plaything after she's bound to a chair, hands tied in front to her knees, and gagged with duct tape! Attention's focused directly on Harmony's rope-framed breasts when her hands are retied so that the embarrassed captive's to fondle them!

The victim of a rogue masseuse, tape-gagged Melissa Jacobs lies on a massage table, hands tied above her head and legs raised high by a rope secured to a stair- railing! Poor Melissa can't imagine how things could get any worse until a vibrator's tied to her leg and the buzzing device drives her to orgasm!

ID #: FB-315
Price: $25.00