Wicked Twosome Tie Ups - DVD
50 Minutes, Ten Models

Roommates Tiffany Marshall and John Cameron are bound and tape gagged during a break in and robbery in their own home.

Boyfriend and girlfriend Aaron and Jade Salerno have no doubt that they will win a bet that says they can get loose if they are tied up. They probably shouldn't have made that bet.

Randy Moore and Alexander Payne are tied face to face so they can at least attempt to communicate with each other - but with tight gags over their mouths, it is going to be tough.

Hayden Hawkins finds her boyfriend Travis Varjak tied to a chair outdoors and thinks that she is going to have a good time playing with her helpless captive. But Hayden's fortune is not that good as she is tied to Travis on his lap.

Masseuse Cali Logan tried to rip off one of her customers (Lance) by binding and gagging him. Now that she's caught, she's going to get to spend some quality time with her pigeon.

Presley Hart was having a lot of fun dominating trussed and gagged Wolf. Now it's time for her to join Wolf Hudson - and in a very humiliating position! With Wolf on the floor Presley is tied to a chair with her feet near his face.

ID #: CC-29
Price: $25.00