Tape Bound, Volume 14 - DVD
48 Minutes, Five Models

Busty house-wife Carissa Montgomery suffers through a home-invasion horror when she falls into the clutches of wicked Aiden Ashley! Bubbling with sinister sadism, Aiden bares and fondles the tape- bound Carissa's breasts, pulls down her sweat-pants and panties, then tickles her bare soles while the helpless woman squeals behind her gag!

Displaying admirable spunkiness, Carissa avenges her ill-treatment by tracking down and taping up Aiden! Plunking Aiden on a kitchen island like a sacrificial altar, Carissa administers a massive helping of her own medicine to the slender brunette that leaves her nipples sore and spirit broken!

"Wake up, Lee -- it's time to be taped!" Snatched from by a burglar, tape- bound Lee Smith, sits on her bed with her naked feet balanced on the metal bed-frame, her eyes wide and fearful above the tape covering her mouth! After Lee defies the criminal, she's folded and taped to the bed-frame!

Exercise time turns into an ordeal for attractive young wife Tiffany Thomas when she's gagged and bound with duct tape! Socks removed and bare feet tape-wrapped, Tiffany rolls around on the carpet in her sweats!

Clad only in a thin pink shirt, alluring ingenue Malena Morgan's held hostage by a depraved individual who seals her lips and immobilizes her with silver tape! Once Malena's helpless, he toys with her by slicing open the shirt to reveal her breasts and ordering her to raise her bare feet so her pussy's exposed!

ID #: TB-14
Price: $25.00