Covert Mission - DVD
Four Models, 60 Minutes

In the tiny sovereignty of Freedonia, Lieutenant Lena Shelby is summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence. Her commanding officer Major Trouble (Mary Jane Green) gives Lena to a very important top secret assignment that takes her to the neighboring country of Sylvania. The lieutenant intercepts Captain Anna Nolan and the unfortunate officer into an abandoned shed. Anna is cleavegagged and bound hand and foot by the lieutenant. Lena takes Anna's mysterious satchel and leaves her miniskirted captive to struggle while she makes a clean getaway. The booted beauty squirms and moans, but the feisty soldier may not be completely helpless!

Lena's instructions take her to a safe house back in Freedonia. She faithfully follows the directions and opens a leather bag filled with bondage equipment. She cleavegags herself, then secures herself with legirons and handcuffs into a hogtie. Much to her surprise, a Master Sergeant from the Lyndonian Army enters the safe house and implies that her mission may be part of secret machinations between their two countries. The slender blonde is then when he pulls up her skirt and exposes the captain's privates and her pert, natural breasts. The Sergeant makes off with the coveted bag and Lena tries in vain to escape from her steely restraints. She's still trying to free herself when Anna suddenly bursts into the room.

Anna demands that Lena tell her about the mission and who has the bag she was transporting. The resourceful lieutenant quickly turns the tables on her captor. Anna is securely bound to a chair and to answer Lena's questions. Anna tells a wild tale of a rogue American agent and the cryptic "Skull of Enlightenment." The skeptical Lena doesn't believe her story and ballgags Anna, then leaves her alone while she waits for agents from the Ministry of Intelligence to conclude her mission.

But the Master Sergeant unexpectedly returns and informs Lena the agents won't be arriving. Anna and Lena are bound together and tapegagged by the evil non-com. He was secretly monitoring the sexy soldiers, and he tells them he can't let them report to their superiors. The villain leaves the ladies in dire and absconds with his prize. If our resourceful heroines can't escape, it could be all over for them!

Meanwhile, the sergeant confronts Major Trouble. Despite her warnings that the Skull is very dangerous, he demands the key to the bag. Once he has it, he leaves the leggy brunette cleavegagged and trussed up. She's left alone to struggle and squirm, but the Master Sergeant may not be able to savor his victory for long.

The story is followed with "Trouble in Tiya-Tiya." In this homage to the chapter serials of days gone by, WWII-era spy Lana Violet is caught snooping while investigating a traitorous officer. The dark-haired beauty is cleavegagged and hogtied in her vintage lingerie and stockings. The villain escapes and poor Lana remains roped up and rolling around helplessly on the bed.

ID #: JW-42
Price: $30.00