Beautiful Girls In Bondage - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

Taken captive, bound to a chair and cleave-gagged, elegant Lee Smith continues to defy her interrogators until Tiffany Thomas props up her bare feet and sticks matches between her toes!

Nobody has wide and startled eyes like Charlie Royce and chair-tied Charlie gives them a workout that's impressive even by her standards! While straining against the ropes that bind her wrists to knees, Charlie moans dramatically behind a black over-mouth gag!

Definitely dominant, dark lady Laura Lee backs innocent newcomer Solhey Rivera into a corner, where she aggressively fondles the bound and tape-gagged girl's breasts! Once Laura's had her fill of fun, she leaves Solhey on the floor; struggling angrily, the spunky little prisoner displays exceptionally attractive bare feet!

To Laura's dismay, Solhey's tougher than she looks and when she finally breaks free of her ropes, the busty beauty's due for serious payback! Once Laura's stripped, tied and cleave-gagged, with a crotch- rope tightened over her panties, Solhey takes special pleasure in handling those amazing mammaries! After Solhey splits, Laura writhes vigorously in the window seat where her former victim laughingly abandoned her!

Samantha Ryan's experienced some tough ties before but few as restrictive as this patented ball-tie by Lorelei! Naked and gagged with a yellow ball, hapless Samantha twists in her ropes until she falls on her side and unwillingly presents her pussy to prying eyes!

Girls in trouble accurately describes the plight of Aiden Ashley and Carissa Montgomery, who've been trussed-up in their lingerie and ball-gagged! At first seated on an armchair, the bare-breasted captives later squirm together on the floor and drool noisily around their gags!

ID #: FB-317
Price: $30.00