Humiliated Husband Wreaks Revenge On Randy - DVD
51 Minutes, Two Models

Randy Moore and Jana Jordan were engaged in a heated sapphic tryst when Randy's vengeful husband surprised them and transformed their forbidden pleasure into humiliating restraint!

to provide degrading entertainment for her enraged husband, Randy hesitantly toys with bare-breasted Jana, who kneels bound, gagged and tethered to the bed's metal headboard! Caresses from Randy that the little blonde would have relished moments before cause Jana to whimper as she wriggles uncomfortably and hears the embittered man's sour laughter!

Delighted with the tableau of torment that he's arranged, Randy's spouse creates a sequel with roles reversed! Now it's Randy who's immobilized on her knees, her gorgeous body imprisoned by rope and lips sealed with duct tape, while Jana's ordered to squeeze her nipples and tickle her bare soles!

His lust for retribution strengthened by what he's seen, the vindictive husband stretches his imagination to devise more mistreatment for Randy and Jana! While preparing their next ordeal, he assures that they'll remain at his mercy by stripping and hogtying them on the bed! Frantic to escape, the bound and gagged girlfriends roll from side to side as they attempt to free each other, but their efforts end in failure!

Jana and Randy shiver in a chilly garage after they're whisked away from the bedroom, though when they're finally brought into tight proximity their naked bodies undoubtedly generate plenty of body heat! Anchored to a wooden post and tied tit-to-tit, the objects of revenge stand unsteadily in bondage and moan through mouth-stuffing held in place by thin cleaves!

The revenge-drama's final act opens with Jana frog-tied and spread on her back, her pathetic protests muffled by white tape! After Randy's pushed into playing with her vulnerable friend for a few minutes, the finale's star is introduced: a sturdy vibrator that's attached to Jana's pussy and secured by a rope around her waist! Intimidated by her man, Randy manipulates the buzzing device until an exhausted Jana gives up the orgasmic ghost!

Jana's still understandably shaky, but the husband's revenge won't be complete until she carries out the identical maneuver on Randy's defenseless clit! Wrists roped to ankles and tape-gagged, the statuesque beauty wriggles and squeals while her lover takes the tool in hand and guides her to the inevitable explosive conclusion! Near collapse, Randy and Jana begin to understand that one obsessed man has distorted their sensual joys into bitter humiliation!

ID #: HH-51
Price: $25.00