MIB's Tickled Silly - DVD
42 Minutes, Six Models

Lying only in his underwear with his hands tied above his head Aaron's ticklish armpits and bare feet make perfect targets for Jade Salerno.

Topless beauty Cali Logan is by her captor to tie her boyfriend Lance up on the floor and tickle is sensitive bare soles and ribs.

Trapped in the stocks army private Ray can't escape Lexi Bloom as she tickles him all over including his tender feet with an electric toothbrush.

Cute blonde Hayden Hawkins has her way with Travis Varjak as she climbs on top and tickles Travis from head to toe.

Not so sweet redhead Pepper Kester has too much fun as she tickles the hell out of her latest victim Mickey Spiers.

John Cameron thought his and Elle Alexandra's budding romance was leading to a sexual encounter but when she got him down to his underwear and tied him up all she wanted to do was hear him shriek with laughter as she tickled his underarms and ribs.

ID #: MIB-85
Price: $30.00