Topless Beauties Tied Up Tight - DVD
50 Minutes, Five Models

Her gorgeous body veiled by a short white slip, ball-gagged superstar Randy Moore sits in a rope web that pins her to a long-legged wooden chair! After struggling vigorously for several minutes, Randy's whisked into a standing tie; her ball-gag replaced by a cloth over-mouth, breasts and pussy exposed, Randy twists on her toes and pulls against the rope leashing her to an overhead chain!

Jenni Czech's back, hotter than ever and bound for double trouble! First the bare-breasted and tape-gagged Eurobabe's trussed into kneeling restraint when she's tethered to the foot of her bed; squirming and moaning indignantly, Jenni urgently expresses her desire to be freed from bondage!

Once she's released from her first predicament, however, Jenni tumbles from the frying pan into the fire, more specifically a restrictive hogtie against which she battles courageously but ineffectively while trying to free her bare feet from a frustrating toe-tie!

Enticing nude Sheena Shaw begs to be bound into a small package and Nikki obliges with a neat ball-tie that the curvy captive to wriggle sensually in her armchair! In search of more adventure, tape-gagged Sheena takes her act to the wood floor, where she rolls around fearlessly!

Blackmail backfires bigtime for Eva Fenix when the object of her extortion turns the tables by trussing the stunned spitfire to a chair and tape- gagging her! Once Eva's helpless and her breasts exposed, he takes plenty of compromising photos he can use to counter her threats!

Voluptuous Melina Mason stars in a unique and visually striking scene: Arrayed in a fishnet body suit that showcases her assertive breasts, Melina writhes on a red couch after she's been bound and gagged with blue cloth strips!

ID #: FB-319
Price: $30.00