I Want My Chair! - DVD
40 Minutes, Two Models

Alarming events follow after an estranged boyfriend arrives at ex-lover Tiffany Marshall's house to pick up his possessions!

When the disgruntled gent drives up, Tiffany's waiting for him -- but it's Tiffany Thomas, who brusquely orders him to take the furniture that's been piled in the garage and be on his way. Further enquiry reveals that his Tiffany, Ms. Marshall, emphatically does not wish to see him! Not a man to accept rejection well, he seizes Tiffany T., binds and gags her, then his way into the house; once inside, he makes Tiffany M. his captive as well! Trussed up next to each other on the couch in tops and jeans, the indignant women squirm while the disturbed man searches the house for other property he claims to own. Ingenious Tiffany M. slips off her sandals and uses her bare toes to loosen Tiffany T.'s wrist bonds, but escape proves elusive for the two friends!

Discovered trying to free themselves, the Tiffanys are retied on the floor, wrists roped under their knees and toes twined together by the darkly humorous captor. Still tape-gagged, Tiffany M. writhes co-operatively with cleave- gagged Tiffany T.; twisting and straining violently, the frustrated women lose their balance, but continue their struggles after they fall on their sides!

Taking a break from his greedquest, Tiffany M.'s former flame savors his prisoners' plight after he them to clothe themselves in black cocktail dresses, then ropes them back-to-back in chairs! Their lips sealed with white tape, the Tiffanys murmur angrily but fail to impact their bondage despite strenuous exertions!

Once the spurned suitor's criminal intentions overwhelm his judgement, the Tiffanys' tormentor pushes their misery to a climax by gagging them with duct-tape and hogtying them! A barefoot Tiffany Thomas arches vigorously on a coffee table against unforgiving ropework; only a few feet from her but equally immobilized, Tiffany Marshall wriggles on the couch where their ordeal began!

After loading his vehicle with loot, he decides to tie the girls in the backyard; bound to bar-stools and gagged with over-mouth cloth strips, the Tiffanys must watch as he calmly carries off valuable art objects! It's a demanding job, so the larcenous fellow relaxes intermittently by viewing the colorfully-dressed victims squirm on their uncomfortable seats.

ID #: HH-53
Price: $25.00