Dreamy Bare Feet - DVD
67 Minutes, Nine Models

For lithe dark-haired temptress Charlie Royce and buxom blonde lovely Stacy Denison, the foot-comparison games we asked them to play are a source of high-spirited fun; for you, the sight of Stacy's curvy size-6 bare sole pressed against Charlie's size-9 will arouse more erotic emotions!

Shhh -- let's silently watch as gorgeous secretary Randy Moore takes a break! After Randy slips off her heels, flexes her arches and strokes the phallic metal desk support with her soles, she concludes her relaxing interlude by massaging her bare feet with a vibrator!

Stripped down to her thong, Melina Mason sprawls on a couch to display her voluptuous body and a pair of soft and shapely naked feet!

Playful Sheena Shaw curls up in an armchair as she shares her suckable toes and sculpted soles, then slithers onto the floor for provocative posing!

Barefoot sprites don't get any cuter than Kiera Winters, who rolls about sweetly but knowingly on her bed while showing off her tender little toes and foot-bottoms!

A luscious example of bare-breasted blonde glamour, Jenni Czech seductively exhibits her pink-nailed toes and sculpted soles to an enthralled audience!

Not one but two enticing girls reveal their naked feet to the camera for the first time when petite brunette Cassie Laine unveils her exquisite size- 5s next to blonde starlet Chloe Lynn's curvy size-6s! Stroking each other's foot-flesh with increasing confidence, the best friends quickly catch on to the allure that their toes and soles possess!

ID #: FC-529
Price: $20.00