Tightly Bound Couples - DVD
51 Minutes, Twelve Models

Six couples find out how tight the ropes can get as they struggle to get free of their captivity!

Couples therapy goes horribly wrong for Jana Jordan and Lance as their therapist takes treatment too far by tying them together (Jana naked, Lance underwear) to build their trust for one another but instead of working together to get free they fight each other as much as the ropes.

Grammy award winning composer Kenny B. is looking for some lyrics for his next chart topper but lyricists Samantha Ryan and Dolph can't seem to deliver so he ties them up for inspiration.

Lena Shelby and her fiance Zach were so in love and so ready to be married. But they would never get their chance!! They were snatched on their way to the church by Zach's ex-girlfriend! She then left the couple, in their bonds of non-matrimony, to struggle in vain within the tight black ropes and cleave gag.

Business partners Melissa Jacobs and Aaron are bound together in their office during a document heist. Their calls for help are muffled by tape gags as they struggle on top of a wooden desk.

A grabbing leaves Ron, the son of a wealthy banker, and his girlfriend Dani Daniels tied up and gagged in a dirty garage! To add insult to injury Dani is stripped naked and Ron is tied in only his underwear as they struggle tied to a post - tape gagged.

The ex-boyfriend of Randy Moore breaks into her bedroom, ties her up and sets a trap for her new man. When new beau Alexander Payne arrives he is to strip and is bound next to Randy. Bandanna gags keep Randy and Alexander quiet as they try to free themselves of their predicament.

ID #: CC-30
Price: $25.00