Costume Captivity - DVD
49 Minutes, Six Models

It's Jaslene Jade's turn to squirm when a glamour photographer goes rogue! Alluring in a skimpy plaid top and skirt, Jaslene's OK with posing in bondage but angrily protests when her breasts are exposeded! The shameful shutterbug solves the noise problem by tying a bandanna over his victim's mouth; secured by a web of rope to the staircase railing and pointing her fishnet-stockinged feet, Jaslene writhes and squeals with indignant energy!

Superheroines aren't always as invincible as they'd like to be: take, for example, the Golden Avenger, aka Vanessa Veracruz. Vanessa's a dazzling vision in her skin-tight suit and white boots, but she's no match for the black rope and cleave that immobilize and silence her while her golden mask is removed from her lovely face!

Literally cornered by evildoers, booted bikini-girl Kiera Winters surrenders to captivity! Before her ordeal ends, Kiera's struggling tightly bound on the floor, a cloth gag covering her mouth and her breasts bared!

Spreadeagled to a bed in her mouth-watering maid's uniform, Randy Moore thrashes from side to side as she tugs on her wrist and ankle bonds and projects muffled cries through the tape over her mouth!

Plucky Jaslene Jade confronts fortune-teller Eva Fenix when she hears that Eva's been spouting hostile predictions about her. When the hot-tempered sorceress refuses to back down, country-strong Jaslene overpowers Eva, restrains her with rope and secures a black cleave in her mouth! Once she has Eva at her mercy, Jaslene drives home her message by baring and mistreating the bound girl's breasts and tickling her naked soles!

Imagine a South Seas virgin bound, gagged and waiting for the sacrifice, then watch sultry Anna Belle zestfully portray the heroine! In our version, however, as the innocent girl lies back with her legs frogged and hands tied above her head, Anna's muumuu has been pulled open to expose her breasts and pussy!

ID #: CB-48
Price: $30.00