Damsels In Bondage Trouble - DVD
44 Minutes, Seven Models

Stacy Denison ambushes party girl Charlie Royce when she returns home late one night! Now it's the leggy brunette's turn to writhe in ropes as she lies barefoot on the floor and to mumble tape-gagged epithets at the satisfied Stacy towering over her!

Predatory partners Loren Chance and Nikki Nefarious Jenni Czech and Vanessa Veracruz onto their knees, then swiftly bind the lingerie-clad girls! After Nikki whisks Vanessa away for a private party, Loren ties Jenni into a squirming ball, gags her with duct tape, then bares and fondles her breasts!

Strangers before their shared , Elle Alexandra and Sohley Rivera shiver together as naked hostages seated on a cold wooden floor! Their slender bodies immobilized by ropework culminating in knee- to- chest tethers, Elle and Sohley murmur to each other through duct-tape gags but their attempts to loosen their bonds lead only to exhausted surrender as they lie on their sides!

Dragged from her hiding place after a home invasion, Randy Moore's bound into captivity on the floor, her long legs bent double and hitched to the ropes framing her naked breasts! A white cleave secured between her luscious lips, the blue-jeaned blonde struggles wide-eyed and fearful!

Oh, no -- Stacy Denison and Charlie Royce are tangling again! This time Charlie's snared her buxom blonde victim into a particularly diabolical predicament: Tape-gagged and tied in a chair, her soft little size-6 bare feet suspended overhead, Stacy squeals and wriggles as Charlie tickles and ices her soles!

ID #: FB-321
Price: $30.00