Nikki Nefarious Bondage Magazine #1 - DVD
55 Minutes, Three Models

Enter the world of creative rope-mistress Nikki Nefarious as she discusses her passion for bondage, gives a lesson in rope-craft, and practices her art on three appealing models who share a high tolerance for restraint!

While Nikki's being interviewed, some unfinished business in the person of Marlena Mercurio squirms onto the scene. Although Marlena's attempts to communicate are hampered by her tape-gag and she's already efficiently tied hand and foot, Nikki demonstrates her dominance by webbing the wide-eyed girl into a striking ball-tie and baring her breasts. Proud of her achievement, Nikki sits back on the couch, stretches out her booted legs and uses Marlena as a footstool!

Erika Jordan should have known better than to take a nap with Nikki lurking in the shadows! Taking advantage of Erika's flexibility, Nikki creates an acrobatic spreadeagle that raises the red-headed victim's bare feet high and wide as she lies back on her bed. Gagged with purple tape to match the shade of her rope network, Erika's effectively speechless when Nikki mischievously exposes her breasts and hitches her hands closer to her feet.

Nikki moves into teaching mode when, with the co-operation of Celeste Star, she reveals her method of tying wrists with maximum security and minimum discomfort. Then Nikki puts her ropework into action by pinioning Celeste onto a high stool, her lips sealed with bright red tape. Vigorous struggler Celeste's pantyless pussy takes center stage once naughty Nikki spreads her legs wide by tying down her ankles and thighs to the legs of the stool!

An experiment ensues when Nikki tries to answer a very simple question: How much bondage can Erika take? Naked and ball-gagged, Erika proves that she's one brave girl after Ms. Nefarious binds her into a kneeling semi- suspension, with ropes from the subject's chest and ankle restraints connected to a hanging chain! For a few moments, Erika experiences full suspension when Nikki playfully sails her free of contact with a solid surface while she wails her wordless amazement! To top off Erika's grueling test, Nikki lowers the tightly- bound girl onto her stomach and reconstructs her ropework into a hogtie!

Espionage can be hazardous when it leads to restrictions on the limbs and obstructions of the vocal organs, as novice spy Celeste learns after she completes her first assignment! Ambushed by Nikki when she returns to the dimly-lit office, Celeste writhes bare-breasted on the desk in a cross-ankled hogtie as the treacherous spy-mistress stuffs her mouth with cloth and gags her with duct tape! On her way out, Nikki can't resist taunting her helpless prisoner and plucking the high heels off her bare feet!

ID #: NN-1
Price: $30.00