Ball Tied - DVD
41 Minutes, Five Models

Woven into webs of rope, these hot naked girls are packaged to please!

A relatively modest ball-tie turns adorable blonde newcomer Chloe Lynn into lustful Adrianna Luna's wide-eyed and helpless plaything! Whle cleave-gagged Chloe whimpers and squirms, Adrianna fondles her breasts, then lifts her legs for a better look at exquisite bare soles and a sweet pink pussy!

Looks like Adrianna should have tied Chloe tighter because once the cute little blonde gets the upper hand, her busty bare-skinned prisoner's in for a long afternoon! Confined by the most complex of these ball-ties in a regular maze of brown rope, Adrianna's completely at the mercy of Chloe, who pays back the moaning ball-gagged bad girl with interest for her presumptious pawing!

After Georgia Jones is reduced to nudity, a profusion of black ropes replace the clothing that once covered her lithe body! A red ball separates Georgia's sensual lips and muffles her protests as she twists in her ropes before she's also more tautly restrained on her side!

Kobe Lee sits nude on her bed, gagged with red tape and bound with multiple strands of white rope that enfold her limbs. When Kobe demonstrates that she's still defiant, the squealing captive's turned onto her side and almost completely immobilized by a wrist-ankle connector!

Mini-mistress Lady Monroe reveals her impeccable taste by displaying ball-tied and ball-gagged Presley Hart as the centerpiece on her dining-table! While naked Presley wriggles and moans in disbelief, the mellow Lady casually inspects her prize from toes to tits!

ID #: FB-323
Price: $30.00