Detectives In - DVD
55 Minutes, Two Models

A ruthless competitor subjects novice PIs Adrienne Manning and Scarlett Fay to an ordeal by bondage!

Lying trussed-up and tape-gagged in the trunk of a car was not one of the job requirements Scarlett anticipated when she partnered with Adrienne to form a private detective agency! Scarlett's situation goes from bad to worse when she's removed from the trunk and bound bare-breasted to the wooden work- bench of an isolated garage. When her gag's removed and she's to call Adrienne, the courageous girl attempts to resist but her partner falls into the trap that's been set for her!

Once he has Adrienne in his clutches, the masked scourge of these feminine PIs unleashes the full measure of his fiendish scheme to intimidate the competition! Scarlett's been momentarily freed, but her pretty partner now stands roped to a wooden post and shivering in nothing but her panties! Powerless to resist when their despicable captor orders Scarlett to fondle and lick her breasts, then apply shards of ice to her quivering body, Adrienne utters muffled moans behind her taped lips. As Scarlett unwillingly carries out his commands, the renegade PI's diabolical plot comes into sharper focus when he snaps off blackmail photos of his victims' erotic interaction!

When the captives trade places, Scarlett's spared no indignity by the heartless villain, who pins the naked girl in a chair, her hands roped above her head to prison bars, while her ankles are tied wide apart to spread her legs and expose her crotch-roped pussy! Now it's Adrienne who fearfully submits to the cruel man's will by squeezing Scarlett's breasts before icing her nipples and soles while her ball-gagged partner whimpers and squirms!

Humiliated and helpless, Adrienne and Scarlett beg for release but the power-crazed PI prolongs their plight by semi-suspending them as they kneel naked on chairs! Although they writhe only a few feet apart, each anguished captive is trapped in her own precarious restraint that connects her chest bonds to an overhead support! Their lips spread by white cleaves, Scarlett and Adrienne are unable to respond when they're taunted by the vicious brute intent on breaking their spirit!

Their dreams of a glamorous and profitable career dashed, the nude girls suffer in tandem when they're sealed back-to-back in a web of inescapable ropes! Their mouths stuffed with cloth and sealed with transparent tape, the exhausted partners struggle feebly and yearn for release from the relentless bondage and crude remarks at their expense by this shameless bully!

Scarlett's nightmarish day finally ends when she's detached from Adrienne and taken into custody by their tormentor's underlings; Adrienne's not so lucky. Sprawled on the workbench and ball-gagged, the lovely nude receives a final dose of the evil man's bitter medicine in the form of a cross-ankled hogtie! Drooling and twisting in her bonds, Adrienne's subjected to a final burst of mean-spirited humor aimed at her dirty bare soles. Once the anonymous competitor and his crew have disappeared, Scarlett will return to untie Adrienne, but the vile conspiracy will have done its damage!

ID #: HH-56
Price: $25.00