Horny Bondage Girlfriends - DVD
57 Minutes, Six Models

Here's a sight to make your mouth water: alluring Adrienne Manning sitting in front of the fire-place in pink top and panties, neatly tied and cleave-gagged! Her eyes sparkling with excitement, Adrienne wordlessly invites her admirers to share her fantasy; a sign making the message explicit sits next to her reading "Play With Me!" Vivacious newcomer Riley Reid responds to Adrienne's invitation with all the sensual energy she could have hoped for! Baring the bound girl's breasts, Riley fondles and licks them, then playfully worships Adrienne's bare feet; as the temperature rises, randy Riley slips off her shoes and teasingly rubs her own naked feet over Adrienne's body while the beautiful captive coos with pleasure!

Turnabout leads to a thrillingly erotic sequel once Adrienne's free and Riley stands meekly before her, bound, gagged and bare- skinned except for a pair of skimpy panties! Enchanted by her luscious little doll, Adrienne plays with her breasts while Riley whimpers happily behind the cleave tied between her lips! When Adrienne decides that Riley's petite bare feet deserve more attention, she flips her aroused prisoner onto her stomach and hogties her so she can tickle and mouth those tempting soles and toes!

A rope tautly cleaves her pussy, her mouth is stuffed with cloth and sealed with transparent tape, and she balances precariously on her knees -- things can't get any worse for trussed-up nude Ainsley Addison, right? Wrong -- as the busty blonde discovers when her bondage morphs into a hogtie that leaves Ainsley writhing on her stomach, sparkling gold sandals kicking feebly in the air!

Murmuring through duct-taped lips, exotic starlet Jordana Heat struggles naked and helpless as the mystified hostage of enigmatic captors! Jordana's confusion increases while her bondage progresses from simple wrist and ankle restraint to rigorous ropework that reduces her to ball-tied immobility!

As her beautiful little body attests, Taylor Luxx believes in exercise. But Taylor's exercise regimen takes a bizarre turn when the sexy nude's entwined into a lotus-tie as she sits on a lounge, then subjected to a salacious breast-examination by bondager Nikki while she moans plaintively through her ball-gag!

When Cassie Laine's invited to a pool party, she doesn't understand that she's about to become the main attraction! Pinioned on her back to the diving board, the tiny topless doll wriggles hopefully in a black-hued network of rope, her eyes wide above the white tape-gag that effectively muffles her pleas for release!

ID #: FB-324
Price: $30.00