Tied To My Lover - DVD
47 Minutes, Twelve Models

Love is in the air as these couples are bound to each other for better or WORSE!

Wolf Hudson thinks he a pretty tough drug dealer and his young and naive girlfriend Presley Hart is awfully impressed with him. Presley finds out first hand that there is always someone tougher and meaner because when Wolf doesn't come up with a payment, she and Wolf get bound, tape gagged and humiliated by their tough guy captor!

Beautiful Cali Logan is hogtied and in serious need of rescue. The good news is that her knight in shining armor (Lance) has arrived. The bad news is that he's not all that competent and he soon finds himself in the same predicament as Cali!

Movement is limited for helpless couple Jana Jordan and Lance as they are bound kneeling face-to-face and mouths stuffed with cleave gags!

Poor Carli and Ethan. Carli Banks is tied naked and tape gagged at Ethan's feet and Ethan can't do a thing to rescue her as her stuggles against his ropes!

Getting a taste of the ropes, blonde cutie Chloe Lynn is propped on a bondage horse and tethered to a bound KB (who gets some satisfaction watching the gagged and helpless Chloe struggle along with him).

Cute little 90 pound Jade Salarno is bound and gagged next to tough guy Aaron whom is supposed to be her protector! Thanks Aaron, FAIL!

ID #: CC-31
Price: $25.00