Nikki Nefarious Bondage Magazine #3 - DVD
47 Minutes, Five Models

Five lively models hogtied by Nikki Nefarious compete to win your vote in this unusual contest!

Anyone who's met Karlie Montana knows she marches to her own drummer, so it's appropriate that she's the only contestant to experience her hogtie outdoors; also the first to be gagged with tape instead of a ball! But Karlie's enticing bare feet also benefit from a toe-tie and Nikki skillfully disarranges her top and skirt so we're treated to views of cheeks and chest while Karlie wriggles in her fresh-air restraint!

Celeste Star adopts a hilarious Valley Girl persona while boasting about her exploits as a bondage model, but there's nothing funny about the hogtie Nikki lays on her! Toe-tied and ball-gagged, Celeste rolls about noisily on a colorful platform and reveals that she forgot to wear panties; Nikki supports Celeste's campaign by opening her blouse to expose rope-framed bare breasts!

Jen Martin's the only contestant to remain fully-clothed during her stint in a cross-ankled hogtie, but cuddly Jen also deals with the most unyielding surface, a hardwood floor! A white cleave spreading her red lips, Jen puts plenty of oomph into her HT time!

Marlena Mercurio's dressed in lingerie and bound quite restrictively on a low bench for her contest effort. After her shoes are removed, Marlena arches her sculpted bare soles and drools through the bright red ball-gag Nikki's thoughtfully tied in her mouth; as a reward for her energetic struggling, Nikki bares Marlena's breasts and pulls down her panties!

Like Celeste, Erika Jordan receives a blue ball-gag from Nikki, but the red-haired diva's bondage is also colorful, thanks to the purple rope used to fold her into the hogtie! As always, Erika's a dramatic performer and Nikki assures that both her breasts and feet are bare during most of her steamy struggles!

ID #: NN-3
Price: $30.00