Tickle Fun For Naked Girls - DVD
48 Minutes, Six Models

Tied down on the massage table, gorgeous nude Summer Brielle giggles and wriggles while Carissa Montgomery treats her to a fingernail massage!

Randy Moore's got Laura Lee spread out naked on the purple platform so she can dig her wicked fingers into Laura's ribs and pits; ticklish Laura gasps and thrashes around, but Randy might be a bit nicer to her victim if she only knew...

...that Laura would have an opportunity for payback and take full advantage by mercilessly tickling Randy's vulnerable bare body to the accompaniment of agonized squealing and squirming!

From neck to ankles, Jordana Heat's pretty much tickle-proof, but oh, those sensitive bare soles! Jordana begged for mercy amidst a great deal of incoherent noise but we just couldn't keep our hands off those foot-bottoms!

Marlena Mercurio's hands and feet are roped into one neat, ball-like package, but it's not Marlena's hands that interest Nikki! No, it's her wrinkled soles that make Marlena scream whenever Nikki jolts them with her fingernails!

In Part 2 of The Battle of the Bosoms, Summer takes revenge on Carissa by working over her ribs as she kneels naked, then accentuates hog-tied Carissa's plight by gleefully tantalizing her foot- bottoms!

ID #: TH-88
Price: $25.00