Tied Up And Tapped Shut By Powerful Women - DVD
50 Minutes, Six Models

Bailey Blue fakes a to get herself into Dane Cross's home. Bailey grabs Dane, ties him up, tapes his mouth shut and teases him with her body and bare feet.

Bratty student Jade Salerno has no respect for learning! She even tricks her tutor Aaron and leaves him bound and gagged in his underwear! He now has two problems - getting loose and not getting a hard on as Jade taunts him!

Luke Jayden loses a dare with his sister and gets hogtied bare chested and barefoot. When he asks to be freed she just laughs, tape gags his mouth and leaves him to struggle as she invites some friends over to witness his predicament.

Photo assistant Nigel gets caught ogling Natalie Mason during a photo shoot and ends up the focus of Natalie's lens. Natalie takes charge by tying Nigel to a chair in front of the lights and her camera. Natalie snaps some pictures of him struggling and protesting before she tapes his mouth and leaves him to labor against his ropes.

Samantha Ryan takes offense when her trainer Dolph won't honor his contract for 20 training sessions. Dirk pays the price as he is hogtied by a stronger and fitter Samantha who tapes an apple into his mouth and teases him with her very fit body.

Pepper Kester pretended to that she was going to give Mickey a nice soothing massage. Not quite - instead she ties him to the massage table, tape gags his mouth and worships his bare feet!

ID #: MIB-87
Price: $30.00